Error in Keyman Developer compiling Tigrinya Keyboard Installer

Hi Marc
I have been updating my keyman Geezword keyboards using keyman developer for both Amharic and Tigrinya languages. Everything was working fine as far compiling keyboard packages followed by creating desktop installer to test the keyboard on MS Office. Lately, for some reason which I could not figure out, I started to get error message while installing the Geezword desktop installer. I also removed/uninstalled Keyman Desktop from the programs which did not make any difference. Please, I need your advice,
Here is the error message:
“error: the keyboard geezword_tigrinya could not be uninstalled because it was part of package geezword_tigrinya.”


I suspect this is because you have a pre-release version of Keyman 14.0 installed as well as an older version. I suggest you uninstall all Keyman products and reinstall version 13.0 – this should resolve the problem.

Hi Marc
Yes, you are right. After I uninstalled and re-installed, it is working fine.

Thank you.


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