ePUB metadata added to ePUB package

Bloom’s Metadata Tool (on the ePUB Publish page) enables the book creator to add a variety of information about the book.

The author and summary fields should map to the Dublin Core metadata fields Creator and Description, but it doesn’t look like Bloom actually adds those dc metadata elements to the content.opf file.

It also seems like the copyright date in Bloom could map to the Date or Created dc fields. And anything people select under “Subject” in the Bloom metadata tool should map to the Subject dc field.

My request is that any metadata that authors add in Bloom using the Metadata Tool which does have a corresponding dc field should be written to the content.opf file in an ePUB package as part of the opf:metadata section.

And if some of this already happens and I’m not seeing it, I would appreciate having that pointed out to me, too.

Hi Paul,
If we’re collecting metadata for epubs but not publishing that into the epubs, or mapping it improperly, then that’s a bug. If you send your message here to issues@bloomlibrary.org, we’ll get right on it. Thanks.

I will do that. Thank you.