Enable zoom on images?

A while back, I used RAB 4.4 to build a songbook app of images, one song per chapter \c , using \fig image.png \fig*.

Is it possible to enable zoom on these images?


Could you explain more why you want to zoom images?

Images fill the width of the screen. If you want a bigger image then turn your phone to landscape position

Images are the only thing on the page, there is no text. In landscape, the images actually show up smaller.

Oh then use
\c 1
\img image.png

Instead of the \fig. That is the Picture Book way of doing things. And that seems what you want.
The other question is what size are your pictures in pixels?

I tried with \image but am still not able to zoom.

The pictures are 1166 x 1654 pixels.

So 5.1 allows you to touch to popup an image then zoom it.

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Just noticed that last week. Very intuitive and helpful. If I want to study a detail in an illustration I just tap it once and then zoom-in with two fingers on my smartphone.

I did not know about this (new?) feature but I was studying a damaged photo for a new app which is being developped by our team. Of course zooming in does not give me extra pixels but I can think of several cases where it can help. Well done RAB.