Em Dash and En Dash in Mozhi Keyboard


Is there any option to type Em Dash (—) and En Dash (–) in the Malayalam Mozhi keyboard?

The current documentation of Mozhi 2.0 mentions this feature in the Useful Symbols and Emojis section.It looks like a feature request as well.

Could anyone please guide me?

Thanks and Regards,
Akhil Sudhakaran

The help page of the keyboard (Mozhi Malayalam Keyboard Help) does not mention how to type these, but per, .kmn file,

  • '---' + '\' > '—' means press hyphen thrice then the back slash key to get Em Dash
  • '--' + '\' > '–' means press hyphen twice then the back slash key to get En Dash

Dear @makara

Yes. Thank you so much for clarifying this. It is working for me.
Sorry for the delay in reply.

Would it be possible for you to update the documentation with this info?
Is there any way that I can be a part of the content development team?
Malayalam is my mother tongue, and I am pretty good with the language as well.
I had been a software developer for a while. Now I am primarily into writing and stuff.

Thanks and regards.


It is OK. You are welcome to create a pull request to fix this. An existing issue was created and pending to be fixed at mozhi_malayalam documentation updates needed · Issue #1659 · keymanapp/keyboards · GitHub.

Keyboard source on Keyman keyboard repo: keyboards/release/m/mozhi_malayalam at master · keymanapp/keyboards · GitHub

You are very welcome to contribute to our GitHub repositories. The links @makara shared are to the Keyboards repository. You can learn more about contributing at Get Involved

Dear @Marc

Thanks for following up with me on this. I have tried to find out how I could contribute to the documentation repo. It’s been a while since I used GitHub last time. I am a bit confused. Let me try to figure out how to use it and try contributing.

I have a doubt. If I were to help with the documentation, is this the file I need to make changes to?


Keyboard documentation should be edited directly in the keyboards repository – it is then deployed to the help website repository (including the file you linked to) when built. The files to edit would be: