Editing existing cree keyboard

i am trying to create a powhatan syllabics keyboard and it is very similar to the already existing bj_cree_east keyboard. i am having issues with some superscript characters and i would either like to see under the hood or edit the one already existing. the developer needs a source file for it which i can’t seem to find in the github. any guidance or help would be appreciated

Most of our keyboards link to the source files from the keyboard page.

Happy New Year! Sorry this was so terse! We weren’t responding between Dec 22 - Jan 1. The link I gave you is for the source for BJ Cree East. You are welcome to use those source files to create a new keyboard that supports powhatan.

I hope you can figure out how to make the changes! You might find it easiest to create the whole file/folder structure from scratch and then copy all the rules from the bj_cree_east.kmn file into your new keyboard. You might wish to do something similar for the touch layout. Or just take the touch layout from bj_cree_east.keyman-touch-layout and rename it to powhatan.keyman-touch-layout (or whatever you end up naming it).

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