Easy formatting for storybooks from A4 to Device formatting

Right now, when we want to move our storybooks from A4 format to Device format, we have to manually combine facing pages so they appear on one screen. We usually have our text on the left page and the picture on the right page. Combining the picture and the text to one device screen takes a long time when you have a large collection. I would love to see an option for switching from A4 to Device format where Bloom asks the user if they want to put facing pages on the same screen - combining two pages to one screen.

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That’s a really interesting proposal Tara.

Before the team pursues this question further, it would good for us to know if you have tried this using the “manual” method and can confirm that reducing two A4 pages to a device size produces desirable and readable results for your particular application?

@Tara can you point us to some of these books on Bloom Library to look at? Thanks.

OK, today we came up with a plan for supporting your need, using our nascent spreadsheet import/export function. You will be able to export your book to a spreadsheet, then re-import into a new book, using the default page layout that combines text and image in a single page. This spreadsheet work is being done by our wonderful summer intern, who would probably enjoy converting some books for you as she tests out her programming work. So yeah, if you can send me some links to books you’re wanting to convert, I’ll pass those on and put her in touch with you.

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I was JUST thinking about this myself. It would also be handy if the books had been made in A5.