Download this set of books to Bloom Reader

Hi, I’ve been a part of a couple Enterprise projects, and recently had someone ask me why some Enterprise projects have the button “Download this set of books to BLOOM Reader, but we do not.” I did not know the answer to this question. Is it a new feature? Is it something we can get for our Enterprise projects?

Hi Beth,
I seem to recall that Education for Life added a link to a package they prepared of some set of books. That is, they created (or downloaded) all of the bloomPubs for one of their collections, zipped them up, put them on a server somewhere, and then asked us to add the link to the top of the collection. If you can point me to the collection that has this, I can confirm more of the details.


It was World-Vision/All-Children-Reading/ACR-PapuaNewGuinea/YRT-SBC-Grade1

And if we downloaded all the bloomPubs for a given collection, zipped them and put them somewhere (where like a Google Drive?) would you do this for us too?