Does certain HTML form display certain layer by default?

This is just an observation, but sometimes when I’m using other keyboards (factory keyboard or Gkeyboards), when I’m filling email field in a form, the keyboard would automatically change to a different layer that had “@” sign on it. Or, typing in URL bar would bring the layer with “.com” or “www.” keys on the keyboard. Or, typing in a numeric field that only allows numeric input, it would bring up the keypad layer.

I think, but I’m not sure, I already see this happen with keyman keyboards for “numeric” layer to be brought up automatically in some forms, but since most of the “numeric” layers are basically numbers + symbols, it feels different from “keypad”, so if this is true, then I can experiment probably with an “email” layer, or “numeric” layer that looks like a keypad

(minus the autocomplete suggestions)

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That is correct. Someday, we would like the Keyman web engine to switch to a standard “numeric” layer to handle keyboards that don’t have that. See issue 1221.

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Just a small clarification: the intent is to provide a standard number pad for numeric fields so that it specifically does not have to be implemented in each keyboard.

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How about email field, is there also a “email” layer that get requested? Where is this mechanism triggered? On the webpage/form level or on the device level?

For now I will be adding a numeric layer for each of my keyboards. If future Keyman upgrades made this by default, I will change the keyboards.