Do not hide keyboard on Blur

Hello, could you help me in such topic?
Is it possible to not hide keymanweb keyboard when input loses focus?

Could you elaborate a bit more about this? What do you mean by “losing focus”?

I think @joshua_horton can help with this as it is a programming question for KeymanWeb.

I attach a keyboard to a specific input. When this input is focused, a keyboard becomes visible. If i click with my mouse outside of that input, keyboard becomes hidden. So my question is whether it possible to not hide a keyboard when i click with my mouse somewhere on the page?
My aim is: i’m developing an angular application. When a page with input is displayed, i must always display a keyboard. What i’m doing is right after loading the page I set a focus to the input and as result a keyboard shows (in addition to my question is it possible to show a keyboard without focusing on input, so when user starts to type in, input will automatically becomes focused and typed symbols be inside that input? )

Hi @joshua_horton, could you please assist me in the questions above?
Thank you in advance

I believe he is on holiday as there is a national holiday where he is located today. He should be back tomorrow.

I understand, thank you very much @Marc for informing me

Unfortunately, this is not officially supported (at least not directly) at this time. Looking into the code, KeymanWeb requires an active element in order for the OSK to be displayed.

That stated, you may want to consider use of keyman.setActiveElement(element, true) to forcibly set your element as active (and focused, with the true). It’ll need a merge of for full resolution, but this function will allow your pages to set that active element without user input - and when set in this manner, the OSK will be automatically re-displayed.

The exact setup for event handlers required may be a bit tricky, but you should be able to set your own onBlur listener to re-establish the underlying element as active, either minimizing or eliminating the time the OSK is hidden as a result.

Thank you very much @joshua_horton for assistance
I have three more questions:

  1. When I typing into the input field, if length of symbols more than width of input, letters don’t shift to left as in a regular input behavior. This is really strange for me :frowning:
  2. How can I handle clicking on enter button (after clicking on that button I need to do some custom actions in my app). Does keyman API provide any event listeners for that?
  3. Can I add more keys to the last keyboard line (where space button is located)

The first question is rather critical, could please someone help me (When I typing into the input field, if length of symbols more than width of input, letters don’t shift to left as in a regular input behavior and become hidden for the user)?

maxlength for input element not work