Do apps produced by KAB (or any app-builders) use "Advertising ID"?

When I uploaded the .aab for my keyboard app to the Google Play Console, it notified me that since the app targets Android 13 (API 33) or higher, I need to complete the Advertising ID declaration. The declaration form simply consists of the question:

Does your app use advertising ID?
This includes any SDKs that your app imports that use advertising ID
(Yes / No)
When you answer this question, make sure to verify if any third-party SDK code in your app uses advertising ID. If so, you must declare that your app uses it…

I can’t seem to find how to answer this question in the documentation for distributing app-builder apps; thanks for any guidance.

After a bit of research, it seems that my keyboard app might use the Advertising ID only if analytics were enabled. Since I haven’t associated a Firebase account with this app, I chose to answer “No” in this declaration. The error notification went away, so I’ll see what the response is from the reviewers.