Displaying examples?

Is it possible for the DAB to export example sentences? They do not appear to be showing up in the export. The dictionary was exported from the most recent version of flex in lift format. I did an initial test with an early wordlist, but now have a lot more information in the dictionary. I have replaced the .lift file but no examples show up.

I don’t have time to look until next week. Can you make your .LIFT file available by then? Send a link to it in a Personal Message by clicking on my icon, and select message.

There is a setting to turn on/off certain fields. Check those first.

Where should the setting be? I went through all the menus and had no options to select format or settings for what fields are displayed.

On the left side is the Fields section. With LIFT sources this is populated with certain sorts of fields. Example is not there in any I have looked at, so I seem have mislead you there.

Are you seeing Examples in the LIFT file, if you open it in a plain text editor?

It would be like this form:

<form lang="xxx"><text>anek kuda eidim</text></form>
<translation type="Free translation">
<form lang="yyy"><text>this is the meaning</text></form>

Just a thought. I prefer to use XHTML export over LIFT for creating Dictionary apps, as you will get the configured dictionary.

The examples appear when I open the LIFT file in Lexique, so they are being exported. I also tried XHTML format export but I didn’t get any configuration options within the app builder. But I will try that and make the apk file.

All the configuring what is seen for XHTML is done in FLEX.

I am still puzzled why if the Examples are there in Lexique Pro why they can’t be seen in DAB app. Are the languages set up correctly? Though it is hard to imagine Flex letting you set up things incorrectly.

I’d still like to see your LIFT file, to see if there are any clues in there.

I reinstalled the app builder, created a new project and imported the file from scratch and now the lift file displays properly, including examples. I used the iOS app simulator. So whatever it was has been fixed.
However, I can no longer compile apk files because android appears to have changed the structure of their sdk downloads and the relevant packages are no longer in discoverable folders, and my previous installation of the sdk toolkit is no longer recognized.

Good News. Definitely a strange one.