Diglot format

I want to be able to create a booklet that has one language at the top of the page and a different language at the bottom of the page, with a picture in the middle. Currently it seems that i can only have the two languages at the top and two languages at the bottom - which is not what I require.

Hi Maryanne,

If you are creating a two-language book, the Bloom default is to split the text boxes between the two languages.

But there’s a way to change this…

Click "Change Layout " at the top of the page:

When you click the Gear Icon, the Text Box Properties dialog will appear:

Choose the language you want for that text box (e.g. Language 1)

Then do the same for the text box below the picture (e.g. change that to Language 2)

Click Change Layout again (to turn it off), then you should see a separate language for each text box:

Just duplicate this page layout for the number of pages you need in the booklet.

I hope this helps


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