Difficulty upgrading keyboard version 1.0 to version 11.0 on iphone

I have been using keyman version 1.0 on my iphone for several years. I have tried to upgrade to the latest version 11.0 but find it impossible to do. I have a iOS 12.3.1 on my iphone.
Please help

Hi Olotuona,

Welcome to the Keyman community.

Sorry that you encounter this issue. Could you tell us a bit more about what happens when you try to install Keyman for iOS? Is there any error message popped up?

If you still have the older version of Keyman on your phone, try uninstalling before installing the latest version.

Just in case:


Greetings Makara,
Thank you for your response to my inquiry.

I have since uninstalled the older version of Keyman on my phone (Keyboard version 1.0) and performed a re-installation expecting to get the latest version 11.0.

However, the version 1.0 was reinstalled again although this time around I am able to type Yoruba with all its accent and diacritical marks properly.

I think that’s fine with me.

Thanks for your help.


Hi Olotuona,

I am glad that it works, but it is weird that you get version 1.0 instead of 11.0 after installation.