Difficulty Configuring Keyman Keyboard Layout for Complex Scripts

I’m encountering challenges while attempting to configure a Keyman keyboard layout for a complex script language. Despite referring to the documentation and tutorials provided by SIL International, I’m struggling to achieve the desired functionality and layout consistency.

Specifically, I’m seeking assistance with the following issues:

  1. Character mapping and input methods: How can I accurately map the characters of the complex script to keyboard keys using Keyman Developer? Are there any best practices or guidelines to ensure efficient and intuitive input methods for users accustomed to the script?
  2. Handling diacritics and combining characters: Many complex scripts involve diacritics or combining characters that modify the base characters. How can I properly handle these elements within the Keyman keyboard layout to ensure accurate rendering and ease of input?
  3. Compatibility with various applications and platforms: I intend for the Keyman keyboard layout to be compatible with a wide range of applications and platforms, including word processors, web browsers, and operating systems. Are there any considerations or adjustments I need to make to ensure seamless integration and functionality across different environments?
  4. Testing and debugging: What are some effective strategies or tools for testing and debugging Keyman keyboard layouts? How can I identify and resolve issues such as unexpected character output or conflicts with existing keyboard configurations?
  5. Community resources and support: Are there any community-driven resources, forums, or user groups where I can seek advice or collaborate with other Keyman developers working on complex script keyboards? Additionally, are there any relevant projects or repositories I can reference for inspiration or assistance?

I appreciate any insights, tips, or guidance from experienced Keyman developers or users who have expertise in configuring keyboard layouts for complex scripts. Your assistance will be invaluable in helping me overcome these challenges and create a functional and user-friendly keyboard layout.

Thank you for your time and support!

Welcome to the community @joeroot,

We can’t know for sure what resources you could be referring to, but we suggest starting to get familiar with Keyman Developer using the guides already documented by the Keyman teams below.

Here are a number of documentations specifically for the 5 questions:

  1. We suggest an example from our blog: Techniques for complex script keyboards visual input order that could get you started.
  2. Keyman language structure can handle diacritics and combining characters (see more).
  3. Keyman Developer should do most of the work to ensure compatibility across platforms. Here is how to set up the keyboard package correctly:
  4. There is already a Test and Debug feature in Keyman Developer:
  5. Keyman team is active on the Keyman’s community site. As long as there is a topic on a specific issue related to Keyman Products, we will support to get you to the right direction or the right people if possible. Please checkout Keyman’s keyboards repository and a list of complex script keyboards that uses diacritics and combining letters.

Let us know if anything is unclear. Thank you!

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