Develop some tools for editing colors

As I worked on some custom colors for my Song Book, I found the process to be a bit cumbersome. These are some ideas I have to make the process easier:

  • Most important: As soon as changes are made on the Main Colors tab, create a new color scheme, accessible on the Color Scheme tab. If I’m not mistaken, clicking on a color scheme causes all customizations on the Main Colors tab to be lost. This could be a major setback- especially if there wasn’t any kind of backup. Being able to name the custom color scheme would be a plus.
  • Add a search bar to the Main Colors tab
  • Allow the user to sort by original order, color name, and color (hex code).
  • Bonus feature: tag items as being text or background, and allow the user to sort by these tags. (Some items such as ContentsSubtitleColor, LinkColor, and SettingsTitleColor don’t have the keyword “text.”)

My workaround was to manually type all of the 70 items into a spreadsheet, with their hex codes, and manually set the color of the cell to match. And as I make changes in the app, also remember to update the spreadsheet.

Thanks so much for considering these ideas for RAB and SAB!

Just thought of this: maybe another feature and an easy first step would be to add “Export” and “Import” buttons, similar to the Translations tab in the “Interface” section.