Detecting Longpress to Change Layers


I’m wondering if there is a means in the keyman language to detect a longpress, and if so, change to a target layer? Something like:

if(&longpress = "Z" ) layer('z-layer')


'z' + [T_LONGPRESS] > layer("z-layer")

?? My objective with the approach is to try out a dynamic keycap change for letter selection (as discussed in the forum April, 2021), but only when the default key strike is not desired.



This isn’t currently supported – you could do it with a longpress menu item but that currently requires dragging up to select the item; there is no default longpress. Please feel free to make a feature suggestion!

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Will do, and I’ll post examples to illustrate what this is after. Another way of looking at the goal is that the “longpress-layer”, is acting like a regular longpress but allowing the designer to layout the individual keys in other-than a straight line. I’m revisiting “rings” again, 8 years after we first discussed them -I seem to want the best of both worlds here :slight_smile: