Deleting the English (2nd language) title in a Bloom shell

I’m new to working with Bloom and I’m creating a shell book for use in French Africa. My first language is French and 2nd is English for my Bloom books. This is a Scripture story shell. The cover page and title page include blocks for both English and French, but unlike the pages for the body of the story, choosing “one language” does not turn off displaying or printing the English title. When I delete the English, it comes back. Why? And is there no way I can get rid of it?

I’m afraid that if you have the second language set to English, you can’t easily hide the English title.If you delete the English or replace with whitespace, it will return. We hope to add control over this to a future version. Meanwhile:

  • If you set the second language to French, you will see only one title.
  • Or, in the collection folder, open the customCollectionStyles.css using notepad. Add this line:
    [data-book=“bookTitle”][lang=“en”] { display: none; }

That will hide the English title on the cover and title page. If instead you only want to hide it on the cover page, use

.Title-On-Cover-style[lang="en"] { display: none; }

Hi John,

Thanks for this response (and on the weekend). I think I solved the problem
about not being able to delete the English title when I discovered the
Setting window that comes up under the Talking Book Tool and clicked the
box for “Allow changes to this shell book.” So I wonder if part of the
problem may have come from the fact that rather than creating my shell book
from a new, blank Basic Book template, I started from an English shell book
(already formatted as a scripture shell) and then moved this into a new
French scripture shell for another Bible story.

While I have you here though, another question. I was practicing adding
audio (the Talking Book Tool) yesterday to two shell books in preparation
for teaching Bloom in Gabon a week from Monday. In both my practice
attempts, when I exported the books to the Bloom Reader app, the files
transferred fine except there is no audio. When Barb Schrag and I were
taught Bloom a couple weeks ago by Randall Lemley we had the same or
similar problem – anyway I remember we had some problem with moving the
books with audio to the Bloom Reader and getting them to work right.

This will be a disappointment if we can’t teach the audio book feature in
Gabon. I think the translators would be very excited about that. In our
translation workshop (which follows the week of computer training), the
translators will draft 3 passages in Luke, and we were hoping the concrete
result would be printed booklets for each story and also the talking books.
So if there’s something I’m doing wrong or if there’s a way to solve the
talking book problem by next week, that would be great. I leave on
Wednesday and then the week of computer training starts Feb. 5.

One other problem we discovered when learning Bloom with Randall was that
when using images that came from the FreeBibleImages web site (which we
have used in creating the 3 shell Scripture books), the copyright metadata
did not transfer into Bloom. That’s maybe less critical – I think for now
we would just go ahead and print the books without that and hope the
feature gets fixed in the future.

You may have seen my email about Madagascar after Darrel Eppler forwarded
me your email asking for French help with Bloom. I’m interested in where
you will be in Madagascar and who you will be working with. In terms of
French help for Bloom, I applaud the work you’ve already done (French
subtitles for videos) and the commitment to add more French. It is nice to
have a pretty full French interface in French, but I’ve noticed some
“pages” that still lack. For instance, the page where you publish to
Android is still all English. True it is not a text-dense page. Seems like
I’ve run into another page or two where English still dominates.

It’s also a bit of a teaser when you have Bloom set to the French
interface, click on Help/Aide, and you see lines in French that say “Videos
de formation” (training videos) and “Concepts Clés de Bloom” (Key
Concepts). Since the title/link is in French, it makes you think the video
or document will be in French also, but they are not. I would say don’t
translate the link into French until the file it takes you to is also in
Well, at least that is true of the PDF docs that are only in English at
this point. With the videos I discovered that you can get the French
subtitles by clicking CC. Maybe most people know that but I didn’t. I
wonder if some kind of note to that effect would help. For example,
clicking on the “Videos de formation” link takes you to page titled “Vidéos
de formation à Bloom” with links to specific training videos. What about
adding a line that says “For French subtitles, click on CC at the bottom
right” (Pour voir les vidéos avec sous-titres en français, cliquer sur CC
(en bas à droit), et choisir français). Someday it would be nice to have
the videos with French audio.



Hi Ron,
I’ve forwarded your questions and feedback about French to an SIL-LEAD colleague that may be able to address your questions and feedback.

For the audio book, please start a new topic here (sorry, we computer geeks are kinda sticklers about this sort of thing :slight_smile: ).

Ok, John. Will do. Sorry to have you answering questions on the weekend.
But it’s a work day for me as I prepare for my trip. So thanks for
responding to these things so promptly.


Any help with finding that collection folder??? Looked everywhere could think of both in the Bloom program and outside the Bloom program… No success…

Usually “My Documents” -> “Bloom” -> all your collection
folders. Or you can go into Bloom and right-click a book and
choose “Open folder on disk”. That will open the collection folder
for that book’s collection.