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The picture below is the K’Ho language we are using. In addition to special characters with unique characteristics, it also has an apostrophe ("") in Vietnamese. For example: Kơnràñ, dà Làc, dơ…"Although Keyman allows conversion to Talex for use in typing Vietnamese characters. But it’s very time consuming and inconvenient. Can you help us add the feature of typing talex (with Vietnamese accents) in the K’Ho keyboard? This way the software will be more complete. We thank you very much.

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In Dega keyboard, you need to follow these rules to get the diacritics:

(Dega Keyboard Help)

Can you explain how do you want to add the telex feature into the keyboard? Do you want to use E + ^ = Ê instead of the original rule E + E = Ê?

Thank you!

two accents for pronunciation. In addition to the inverted caret as you mentioned, there is a "" sign, which in Vietnamese is called an accent mark. For example: “Dà Làc, Kơnràñ,…” You notice the letter “a” has a hyphen above it like the Vietnamese accent mark. I have sent you the quote. That mark is what the keyman is missing.

I have created an issue: [dega] Missing grave accent #2618 for the missing " ` " grave accent.

You can write your comment there if you have something to add more.


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