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Hello everybody.
Please I need an help.

I need to create my own keyboard layout with specific key. maybe only 5, 8, 12 keys. Is it possible to draw the keyboard layout from scratch? deciding position and size each keys? Thanks!!! Ciao

Welcome to the community @Fabio_Morandi,

Yes, it’s possible to create your custom keyboard with Keyman Developer.

For more details:

Please ask if you have more questions.

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You can also refer to the tutorial at this url. This tutorial is designed for beginners.

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@Fabio_Morandi This is possible on a touch keyboard, but not on a physical keyboard.

You can make just about whatever configuration you want on touch layouts. Here’s one I put together to assist me in the development and polishing for support of the new gestures landing in 17.0:


It’s definitely not your standard keyboard layout these days.

Hi Joshua,
thanks for answering. I cannot find the way to design the keyboard. Remove unwanted keys and move keys position on layout.
Please do you have chance to help? I didn’t find that in some video I saw.
Thanks in advance,

When you select a key within the touch layout, you should see a few small green triangles with a + mark appear. If you click on one of the upward-pointing triangles, a new key will be added either on the same side as the clicked triangle. If you click on one of the right-pointing triangles, you’ll get a new row either above or below it. Clicking the red circle with an x will remove the key.


After clicking the brighter triangle indicated…


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