Custom keyboard crashes keyman upon activation

I have made a custom keyboard based on a custom font I downloaded, and after installing it my previous keyman keyboard wasn’t an option nor was the new custom one. Now I cannot use either and although keyman recognizes the old keyboard that is installed it refuses to switch to it.

Error given is
Details for error report for Keyman app:
Application Identifier:
Error Identifier: C:\Users[my name]\AppData\Local\Keyman\Diag\exception-6128-2022-05-01-03-39-28.log

I have fixed this issue myself by reinstalling keyman. My best guess is that it was a mismatch in the developer and regular versions

Greay! Glad to hear you resolved the problem. Good news in version 15 is that Keyman and Keyman Developer versions will no longer be interdependent which should avoid this kind of hassle :grinning: