Ctrl+Alt+Any Key does not work with Affinity

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I just update my Keyman 14 to 15 Beta. And after update I notice that it works nicely with my most applications (Serif PagePlus, DrawPlus, PhotoPlus, Xara, Libra Office etc) except Serif Affinity. In Serif Affinity Applications (Publisher, Photo, Designer) my Keyboards Ctrl+Alt+Any key stroke option does not work.

Please help.
P.S. - I did not change any thing in my kmn files at all

Thanks in advance

Welcome to the community, @Arun!

That’s weird, but what version of Windows or macOS are you using? Can you verify that there is conflict in the usage of Ctrl+Alt as hot keys between the Keyman keyboard and Serif Affinity?

If you are on Windows, can you check and see if “Simulate AltGr with Ctrl+Alt” option is checked by any chance?


  • Simulate AltGr with Ctrl+Alt
    Some hardware keyboards do not have a designated AltGr key (Right Alt key). Some Keyman keyboards require AltGr. Tick this option to allow Ctrl+Alt to be used for AltGr. Untick this option and Ctrl+Alt will not be used for AltGr.

Hello Makara!

Greetings of the day!

No altgr is not activated. And my keyboard works perfectly with all applications except Serif affinity. Ctrl+alt+any key does not work with affinity. I also contacted with them and they inform me that they did not change the text engine.

And iam with windows 10, affinity 1.10.5, keyman 15 beta latest.

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@ross Could you please look into this when time allows?

Should I send the kmn files of my some keyboard? along with fonts?
Then please provide your mail id. or I can send the kmn file to Marc Durdin’s id.

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Please zip the keyboard project folder of the keyboard in question and then share it with me via Google Drive or DropBox (your choice) and DM me here if you prefer to keep your keyboard private.

More helpful yet, give me a specific example of the key combo that causes issues, if any, don’t bother.

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Hello Arun,
I have downloaded Serif Affinity but would like to have the keyboard in question as it will help me replicate your exact issue. So yes you can send it to me via my ID. Or if it is available on keyman.com let me know the name of the keyboard.

Also in keyman if you go to “Configuration” the select support on the left, what version of keyman beta do you see reported.

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Hi Ross
Hello Makara

Greetings of the day!!

I sent the keyboards & fonts to you via DM.

Warm regards

Thank you for sending me the keyboard. I can reproduce this issue on the latest 15 Beta 15.0.239-beta I can also verify it works fine ok an Beta build 229 - so a new bug. I am raising an issue to fix the bug.

Thanks a lot Ross & Makara.


@Arun Hello If you download Keyman version 15.0.248-beta or later the problem with Ctrl+Alt+Anykey and Affinity should be resolved.

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Hi Ross
Thanks a lot for the quick response and yes it works nicely.

Thanks a lot and best wishes for V15.