Create ePub2 files from text overlay style books

This could be done by stripping text from the overlay page and removing the extra spaces and placing the text below the picture for each page of the story. Overlay books could then easily be converted for many eBook readers.

To clarify, you are needing to support the old ePUB 2 format? We do support overlays on ePUB 3-compatible readers.

Thanks for asking, John.

I’m sure you know best about the epub situation. If all readers and systems can now handle epub3, then perhaps we do not need epub2 files. It was only on the Kobo store that we were uploading flowable epub2 files. All the others were fixed format, but we have considered adding epub2 files also for those who prefer this style.

I know epub2 was kind of the universal standard, but things change.

I would appreciate your advice here.