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My keyboard (and dictionary) is up and running and I’m about to release it, but I was wondering if I could include a copy/paste function whilst using keyman’s keyboard.

I am not sure if keyman currently supports this feature.

Thank you!

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Hello @Okani,

Thank you for reaching out about this.
To copy and paste words in Keyman app on mobile devices, you can use the available function in the app itself as shown below.

On Android devices, you can click on the share icon (as shown in the screenshot below) and tap to copy.

On iOS devices, you can tap on the share icon and click the word ‘Copy’ at the bottom.

Now you can paste the text in any apps.

Unfortunately, Keyman does not support a feature to add a copy key to the keyboard layout.

We hope we answer your question. Let us know how it goes.

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Technical Support team

Hi @mengheng Mengheng,

Thank you for your swift response!

In my default keyboard, the dictionary/correction bar usually shows the content copied:

I’m guessing that’s not an option for Keyman?

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Hello @Okani,

Thank you for your patience.
The copy and paste feature does not always shows up nor available on every devices when switching into Keyman keyboard.
For example, this feature does not show up on iPhone but their users can use the hold-click to copy. As for android devices, we have one device that we know of to support this feature.

If you have any questions relating to this, please let us know.
You can always create another topic as well.

Have a wonderful day,
Technical Support team

This is marked as a future feature at

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