Control order of text boxes on front cover for Talking Books

On the front cover, the order of the recording/playback is (1) Title, (2) Image description, (3) Writer/Illustrator.

Sometimes the book title may describe the image well enough that the separate description is not needed. But having an image description is important for visually impaired.

On other pages, the text box that appears first is the one that is recorded/played first. E.g. if there’s an image at the top with a description, that is recorded before the text of the book.

For this book I’m testing, the image description is needed on the front page, but it would be better if the image description comes after the writer/illustrator.

So a better order would be (1) Title, (2) writer/illustrator, (3) image description.

Being able to change the recording order for text boxes on the page would be helpful, especially on the front cover