Constant scrolling of left-hand list

I am running into a problem while using LF and adding new entries. For some reason, any key press, such as typing the Word form, causes scrolling through the entire list of entries - more than 10K entries so the scrolling is constantly going on. Any suggestions as to how to work around this, or if there is something that I am doing incorrectly?


I did refresh earlier and it still had the problem but now I can no longer replicate it.

I’ve noticed that issue as well, glad it sounds like you found a work around though.

Yes, I have also noticed that issue, unfortunately. I am not sure if this will be fixed soon or not. I know that the development team is currently doing a rewrite of the user interface.

If either of you are able to reliably reproduce this on a certain project I would like to create an issue for it so we can track it. Thanks!

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