Configuration Window on MAC

I’ve loaded Keyman on my MAC running Catalina 10.15.7 and allowed all security setting except files/folders because it was there. When I click the Icon on the menu bar I do not get the config menu so I don’t have a way to load my keyboard. Help

Hi @Jerry, welcome to the community. Can you describe what you see on the menu bar when you click the language selector icon? Please do include a screen shot if possible.

Here is what I get.

@Shawn or @makara are you able to help on this?

@Jerry What version of Keyman for Mac are you trying to install and having issue with?

The version that I am using is 16.0.141

Hi Jerry, thanks a lot for the info. My colleague and I do not currently have a way to reproduce this behavior yet.

We did encounter this issue before and a bug report has also been submitted at bug(macos): Keyman doesn't work on Catalina · Issue #9060 · keymanapp/keyman · GitHub.