Compile error - Stream read error

The Compile Package step in Keyman Developer (16.0.145) gives this error message:

“chimila_qwertz.kps: Error: 4000 Stream read error”

and the further message after the package file path: “was not compiled successfully.”

No files are flagged as being corrupt or faulty in some way. Every file in the packing list is part of KMD’s standard output.

Searching the Knowledge Base and this Software Community has not found cause or cure. None of the topics to the right of this input window have anything in common with the error described above (apart from the obvious - they had problems compiling too).

Does anyone know how to fix this, please?

Would you be able to zip up the keyboard project folder and attach that, or make it available in a shared google drive folder?

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Hi David,

Just discovered that it was something as basic as OneDrive not connecting. Fixed that and the project compiled.



Good to know, hopefully this will be a pointer for others in the future.

I know it’s not a very obvious error message but at this point we won’t try and improve it – it’s a low level error and it’s usually better not to try and ‘mask’ the low level errors because they point to issues outside of Keyman Developer’s control, as in this case.

Any search engine throws up plenty of hits for “Stream read error”, all of them for data handling programs. What happened in my case suggests that there is invariably a data connection issue.