Compile Bloom stories into categorized books

I’ve seen older posts re: using folio to compile stories into a single book, but it looks like those posts are outdated. Is there currently any way to create an “anthology” of similar books? For example, I’ve moved all our animal stories into a separate collection, but I don’t see how to combine them into a single pdf that I can send to a publisher.

Hi Tami.

Yes, those folio posts are outdated.

There are a number of PDF editor programs that would allow you to combine the individual PDFs of each of your books into a single volume. If you don’t have such a program, ask around. A colleague or publishing specialist might be able to help. If you need to do this job yourself, and it is for a single one-time purpose, you could probably accomplish the task during a “trial” period of the software program. Adobe Acrobat is, of course, the “native” PDF editor, but there are other less expensive options too.

The page numbers may or may not be a problem depending on your needs. If you want to hide the page numbers of the individual books so as to have continuous flow, our next version of Bloom (6.0) will provide controls to suppress page numbers. Then you could add page numbers using your PDF editor.

If suppressing page numbers in the individual PDFs is an urgent need, there is a way to hide them in current versions of Bloom by putting in some special instructions in the the customBookStyles.css file.

It’s possible also, that your PDF editor program would have a way of re-numbering the combined book, and/or deleting certain text elements.