Compatible phones

what sort of android phone will be able to use Bloom reader? Is it only smart phones or can simpler phones also be able to be used to read Bloom books?

Bloom Reader requires Android 4.4 or later. (According to one web site, 96% of Android phones that recently visited the Google Play store will work…but of course older devices are more likely in more remote parts of the world.) If in doubt, connect to the Play store and try to install it; it will tell you if your device won’t work.
All Android phones would be considered smart phones, I believe, and we have no current plans to make Bloom Reader available on anything that isn’t running Android.

In addition to Bloom Reader, Bloom creates PDFs and ePUBs, which can of course be used on an even wider range of devices. And the Reading App Builder, which is produced by a different team, can import simple Bloom books and produce apps for iphones.