Compatibility with Flex 9 (Beta)

I migrated one project to Flex 9.06, for better compatibility with Paratext.
I tried it out for the other projects as well. But I noticed that edits that were done in WeSay 1.6.10 are not compatible and will not get imported to Flex 9.
Will this be addressed in the near future?

Hi Peter,
Thanks for letting us know about this. If FLEx is improperly importing WeSay LIFT files, go ahead and raise the issue in the FLEx system so that it can be fixed. It would be great if you could report back here, once the issue has been addressed.


I already started a discussion in the Flex list as well. :slight_smile:

Hopefully that can be fixed in FLEx but it probably needs WeSay 2.0 which is the first to support the new writing systems and will use the same underlying libraries as FLEx 9. There are no developers assigned to WeSay.