Compatibility of Keyman for Android with a physical keyboard?

How well do Keyman keyboards for Android tend to interface with physical keyboards? (For example, if connecting a Bluetooth keyboard to a tablet.) Would it be just like using the same Keyman keyboard on a Windows PC?

Ours isn’t too fancy. Based off of the Latin American Keyboard, we just add a diacritic and a few of punctuation marks.


On Android, this works well. It is pretty much the same for most keyboards as using a Keyman keyboard on a desktop (Windows, Linux or Mac). If necessary, keyboards can be tweaked using the platform statement to provide Android-specific customisations.

When the hardware keyboard is in use, the touch keyboard is not normally visible. Ctrl+Tab can be used to switch languages. (There’s an open issue on that which we haven’t looked at for a while – something we need to check out.)

We have a couple of open issues around additional support for Tab/Enter but it doesn’t impact most keyboards.

I’d value any feedback you have on user experience.