Collecting glosses during Gather step

Hello, I have two desired features that are related, I think:

  1. Collect glosses at the same time (during the same step) as collecting words during the Gather (Semantic Domains) task. → How can one add a gloss at the same time as the vernacular word in the Semantic Domains tool?
  2. Collect (display and collect) two gloss languages at the same time: Tok Pisin and English.

The website found a relevant post for me, that’s great. Now, how do I get the configuration tool to display both gloss languages in that Gather Words window? Currently it looks like I can only add an English gloss at the time of collecting the vernacular word, and then go back and put Tok Pisin glosses for any of the words in the Add Meaing task. I would prefer either to collect both glosses at the same time, in the original RWC group collection moment, or to collect only Tok Pisin glosses as an initial step.


  1. If you want to collect glosses (instead of definitions), simply choose Store Meaning in Gloss:

  2. If you want to collect glosses in Tok Pisin instead of English, select only the Tok Pisin Input System for the Meaning field:

I cannot find a way to collect more than one meaning during gathering; the goals of this tool are to be fast and simple. Hope this helps.

What you are asking for is possible in FLEx. I don’t know if it is possible in WeSay.

Hi Hasso,

Thanks! I had tried clicking both gloss languages on, and only English was displaying in WeSay, and hadn’t yet thought to try leaving only Tok Pisin on.

I have this question for both WeSay and The Combine. Will you let us collect glosses at the same time as collecting words, and will you let us collect double glosses (at the same time as collecting words)?

(Thanks Kevin W too. We have moved away from using FLEx in the RWC workshop we are planning due to limitations with FLEx Send/Receive. Not reliable enough in our experience. Also we really like the simplicity of WeSay.)



We have decided to collect only vernacular words during the word collection groups (as recommended by the RWC workshop materials).

I’ll settle (for now) for being content that the Add Meanings task lets me display and enter both gloss languages at the same time. The adding of meanings will happen during the group discussion time but in a different screen of WeSay. Thanks for listening to my request & complaining.


HI Joyce,

I appreciate your feedback here. I am curious to know more about the reliability issues you have experienced with FLEx S/R in the past during RWC workshops. Any insight into this would be appreciated. I understand that FLEx has a much more complicated UI that probably isn’t suitable for a number of users. If there are S/R issues you ran into I’d like to know more.