CLAware import?

I met someone from Ethnos360 who has a lot of cultural data (8GB?) in CLAware which is not supported anymore. He knows that the CLA group at Ethnos360 is working on a new app. You would hope that the new one could import data from the old program.

Has anyone heard of exporting data out of CLAware into Saymore? Is there some import/export format? I did see from screenshots on the Saymore website that it has ELAN export.


Kind of interesting and unfortunate that their site does not mention that it is not supported. SayMore stores its written transcription/translation data in ELAN (eaf) files, so there is no need to export. However, ELAN does not support all the metadata that a SayMore session contains, so there’s not exactly a one-to-one correlation. The CLAware site doesn’t offer any documentation and it’s no longer available for download, so I can’t see what format it uses to see if there’s any hope of getting its data into SayMore.