Circular Comic Captions

The new ‘Comic Tool’ in Bloom enhances creative book layout a lot. We would like to see even more creative text box layouts.

One of the most used text box lay outs we see today, is a simple circle with a nice bold line.
A simple rectangle with rounded corners with a background fill would greatly fit together with it.
Thanks for considering.

On behalf of the EFL team,

Koen, it looks like a circle around a rectangular block of text is very doable. However the text lines won’t be wider in the middle and narrower at the top and bottom. Is that OK?

Of course it would be nicer if text lines would be wider in the middle than in the top and bottom. But the other comic tools (bubbles) don’t have that feature either. So, we would be very pleased with a rectangular text box in a circle.
It would be great if the color menu for background and font, could be applied to the stroke color as well.


I just found out that I can remove the tail from bubbles. So here you see a ellipse without a tail, and a TextBlock on top of it to allow for better filling of the space.

I know, it’s not a pretty solution. But the result is quite pleasing.

We implemented this feature for Bloom 5.0.