Chrome ignores keyman in latest Keyman Update

After the most recent keyman update (installed 11/28), chrome no longer accepts keyman input. Instead, the standard english input is entered.

Typing in other applications, the keyman language input is recieved correctly, and chrome recieves non-English input correctly from non-keyman 3rd party keyboards.

Keyman worked correctly with Chrome last week.

I can get Keyman to work with the latest Chrome.
Chrome version:

Version 107.0.5304.122 (Official Build) (64-bit)

Keyman version: 15.0.273.

What version of Chrome and what version of Keyman are you having problems with?

(Find your Keyman version by right clicking on the Keyman icon in the notification area, choosing “Configuration”, then “Support”.

Well. When I checked the chrome version, it said there was an update ready to install. I went ahead and updated. After the Chrome update, keyman is working again.

I’m not sure what version I was on, other than it couldn’t be more than 1-2 months old.

Keyman: Version 15.0.273
Chrome: Version 107.0.5304.122 (Official Build) (64-bit). This is the new / updated version that now works with keyman.

Also, thanks for looking into this and trying to help!

Looks like it wasn’t just a chrome issue. It’s also not working in my search in Adobe Reader. Not a big deal, but throwing the info out in case others hit this issue.

I’ll update if I have other issues, but I expect no action on my behalf at this point.

This is a known compatibility limitation with Adobe Reader. KB article KMKB0069 has more detail and a workaround.


Great. I’m glad to know it’s only an adobe issue and hardly an issue at that.

As maybe a lead. The tyndale house keyboard does work in adobe. Maybe they do something different that you guys could copy to fix this? They might also just install their keyboard in a way that adobe doesn’t count it as an external app.

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I believe the Tyndale House keyboard is just a plain Windows keyboard, unlike Keyman which is an input method which allows it to do more, but also means we run up against the Adobe constraints.