Choosing location of page numbers

I have downloaded the latest version of Bloom Beta and I like the theme options. However, I would like the ability to choose whether the page number is centred or placed on the left (or right but left is my preference) on books in device format.

Sometimes it automatically does that when I choose one of the themes, but other times, the page number is centred and goes over the picture, which isn’t great. I don’t mind it going over the picture so much if it is in the bottom left corner, it looks good there.

@Purplejulie Thanks for telling us about this issue. As far as I can tell, Bloom 6.0 is working the same as previous Blooms for all but the new “rounded corner” theme. That is, Bloom centers page numbers when you choose one of the ebook page sizes. Does that fit with what you’re seeing?

We can eventually give you the choice, but I’m trying to make sure we didn’t make an unintended change.


Hi John,
Yes, I think it is now putting the page numbers on the bottom left for both the ‘no margins’ and ‘rounded corner’ themes actually. It was when I had certain custom css files that it was ignoring or adapting that seemed to somehow make it put the page number in the middle.

So what you said about Bloom centring page numbers is only for the ‘default’ theme, and on the other two themes, it is doing it on the bottom left now, which is good.

Thanks Julie,

  1. Say… would “No Margins” be a better name than this “Zero Margins” label we’ve been using?

  2. Should we close this feature request or would you still use a feature choosing the locations?

Regarding your questions…

  1. I don’t really have a preference.
  2. I think it could still be good to have the ability to choose the location of the page numbers, just in case they end up being in an inconvenient spot. I haven’t experimented with the page layouts and themes enough to know exactly what Bloom will do with the page numbers in different formats (eg if the picture is on the right instead of the left), but I could imagine that someone could disagree with where Bloom chooses to put the page number - maybe they don’t want it in the corner of the picture, or maybe it would get in the way of some text and would be better in a different place. So I think it might still be good to have that as an option, but I guess there needs to be enough demand too, not just one person wanting it, so it’s up to you what want you do.

Thanks Julie. I think you’re right. The added complexity though is that they may need to change the location on a page-by-page basis. E.g. on some pages the image is on the left, on some it is on the right.

One thing I’ve seen in Little Zebra books is that the black number has a white shadow, which makes it more visible if it falls on a colored background. It would be good if Bloom could adopt that.