Cheyenne keyboard for Android

Dear coworkers,

The EuroLatin keyboard contains all the characters needed for the Cheyenne language in Keyman for Android. Feel free to add Cheyenne to the list of languages for the EuroLatin keyboard:

I see that Aleut has its own keyboard which looks the same as the EuroLatin keyboard in Keyman for Android. Is it possible for someone on your team to copy the Aleut or EuroLatin keyboard and give it the name Cheyenne so that Cheyenne people can find their language when they look for a Cheyenne keyboard for an Android phone? Also for the iPhone?

The longtime legacy and unicode Keyman keyboards specially designed for Cheyenne continue to work well on PC computers. I don’t know if they have been ported to work on Mac computers.


Thanks for the suggestion. I’ve created issue
in the Keyman keyboards repository to add Cheyenne to the EuroLatin2 (touch) keyboard.



(edited to disregard note about “Cherokee Nation”)

EuroLatin2 version 1.6 has been updated and includes Cheyenne. The keyboard is now EuroLatin (SIL) version 1.8.

As of Keyman for Android 10.0.505, you’ll be able to download the keyboard:

Add New Keyboard --> Cheyenne --> EuroLatin (SIL)

fyi, for Keyman 11, the default keyboard for the mobile apps will be EuroLatin (SIL).