Changing the metadata of a book

Is it possible to change the metadata of a book without needing to reload the whole book? I sometimes find that I want to adjust the text that show when someone opens up a book to see if they want to download it. With bad internet it is really a pain to reload the whole book.

We are currently working on a new version of Bloom – version 5.7 – which will detect which files in a book have changed and which ones have not. The uploader will then skip all the files that have not changed, and only upload the ones that have.

In short, Bloom 5.7 will provide a faster way to update a book with little changes like you are describing.

Bloom 5.7 will become the next “Beta” version of Bloom sometime in the next couple of months if not before.

If you are using the current Beta version (5.6), then the software will notify you when 5.7 is available, or will automatically upgrade your software (if you opted in for automatic updates).