Changing source language

User question: She started working on books in a local language in April, but Indonesia is a better source language. So now she wants to make a source collection in Indonesian, but use the Lani (local language) files to avoid formatting and adding images again.

She tried to copy the folder from the Lani collection into a new Indonesian source collection. (Create a new collection, chose “source collection”, then pasted the Lani folder in the corresponding Bloom folder in Documents.

The books appear fine in Bloom, but the comment box/source language box is Lani. She wants to make sure that when she gives the files to a local language team, they have Indonesian appearing in that box, not Lani.

What is the best way to do this?

She should just go ahead and fill in the Indonesian. In this collection, Indonesian is the target language, so that’s how Bloom displays the books. When the resulting books are used as a source for yet another language, Indonesian and Lani will both be available as source languages, but the user will at most have to choose Indonesian once and can then ignore the Lani. Bloom is designed to work with books that may contain versions in many languages; it uses the selected one(s) for the collection in the content area of the books and the others as possible source languages.
If she really wants to get rid of the Lani she will need expert help to work on the HTML file directly. But this should not be necessary.