Changing name of files in Keyman Developer

After submitting files to Github my feedback was that I should change the file names to be more consistent. I did this. Now however the file names don’t match to the ones in the Keyman developer. How do I associate the files on my computer to the project in Keyman developer? I have looked in the instructions online and there is nothing explaining how to do this when changing the name. I’m not a programmer and this is new to me so I may need some very basic instructions.

I have done this two different ways.
One is to open the kpj file and remove the old kmn and old kps files from being associated. Then reassociating the new named ones.
Then go to the kps and remove the old ones and “Add” the new ones.

The other way is to open both of those files (kpj and kps) in a text editor and edit it directly. This way is more prone to having typos.