Change default options


How do I change the default options in version 9?
like startup options
flash screen options
also, update server.

Hi Mayura

How do I change the default options in version 9?

This reference page helps explain how to access the Options tab of Keyman Desktop Configuration where you can change your options.

also, update server.

Could you help me understand what you mean by “update server”?


I suspect @mayura is referring to customisation of the Branding Pack options? This is outside the scope of the support we can provide for free through the community portal as this is developer-level support for an end-of-life product. The Branding Pack is documented at and you should be able find what you need there. Some of the default settings can only be controlled with registry settings which you can find in the registry at HKLM/Software/(Wow6432Node/)Tavultesoft/ and HKCU/Software/(Wow6432Node/)Tavultesoft/

Hello Marc,

does it mean, I should re-compile the engine with these new defaults?

I am open to use newer version 10.0, if we can achieve the same in the newer version.

With version 10, yes, you’d rebuild with your own design; we don’t have the Branding Pack hooks in the version 10 source. You need Delphi Professional and Visual Studio Express to build version 10.

You may be able to do the design changes without rebuilding the executables; then you would only need WiX to build the release installer. You may need to experiment in order to build the installers without building the executables as the build infrastructure using Makefiles is setup to do both at the same time at present.

Most of the defaults can be configured in the .wxs source files for building the installers. However, the online update check default is hardcoded.

Great, if I use the WIX to rebuild the design. If the online check remains ON. When a new update is found on the server. If the client end updates the application, will all the design be erases with new xsl files?

The Keyman servers only serve updates to Keyman apps, not to other apps that are based on the Keyman code. If you distribute your own build of the Keyman code, you should change paths, names and GUIDs in the WiX code to ensure you don’t conflict with Keyman installations. Note that the “Keyman” name is a registered trademark so you cannot use that in your own distributions.


Thanks I understand.

If I can completely localize the Keyman from installation to usage and help files in Kannada. I really do not need to do any branding.

I would like to leave the standard installation from Keyman for engine and let the Keyman update the application as its needed.

I will support the complete localization of Keyman to Kannada.

Mayura, that’s great! In that case, we can take your localization and include it in an updated installation of Keyman. You can localize the UI by creating a copy of locale.xml. See also – this editor needs to be updated for version 10, but you could use it as a starting point.

Localizing help files is a little more work – you can create a copy of the Docbook files that are included in Keyman Desktop (Windows) and the other apps also have included help, although much simpler. We do not yet have full support for localized help files but having the content translated is the biggest hurdle for us.