Certifying RAB Consultants

Is anyone aware of any efforts to create a certification system for RAB (or Bloom) consultants? For example, for RAB, something like…

Level 1

5 installs, > 20 apps created, > 20 hours of group or one-on-one instruction
Proficiency in the following 10 basic app creation skills…

Level 2

20 installs, > 50 apps created, > 50 hours of group or one-on-one instruction
Proficiency in the following 10 advanced app creation skills…

Etc., etc.

This would NOT be intended exclusively for SIL members, but for anyone that we partner with interested in the certification. After our July 2019 course in Mexico, several of the teachers requested this.


Aaron Hemphill
SIL Mexico

Good question.

I know Bloom does have some system of training. SIL Lead seems to be involved in that.

App Builders does not have any system of training. The team is small, with no unified budget to implement such thing.

But happy to have a discussion on what levels there should be and how many levels.

Though I am a bit torn. There is the building apps side and the troubleshooting/developing side.

Some of the developers would not have 50 apps created. But can fix most issues.
I don’t make many apps now but have lots from other people who I help to solve a problem or define a bug.

I have started to make a Google Sheet with some competencies. It needs some more eyes. I have not yet covered all the things in Marty Lange’s videos.

Anyone interested in seeing it, let me know by Private Message.


I sent a reply earlier, but don’t see it in the Forum, so I’m posting again:

I’m not aware of any certification system for App Builder consultants, but there is a Bloom trainer certification course which SIL LEAD developed in Google Classroom.

There is just one level of certification, but there are specific materials to be completed and submitted, plus teaching a workshop. Note, this is not for beginner Bloom users, and there is a charge for those outside SIL.

We are working on an information document about the course, but it’s still in draft at this stage. Paul Frank or Chris Weber from SIL LEAD are contacts, or myself for Asia-Pacific.

Liz Pfeifer
SIL Asia

Thanks, Liz and Ian!

@Ian I agree that one certification might not represent the different necessary skills represented in a group. To complicate it more, there are skills called on to teach someone one-on-one, and then there are skills called on to run a good workshop. We saw in our first workshop that teaching skills, creative design skills, technical skills and administration skills were all at work. On the other hand, maybe having one certification might encourage people to develop the side most challenging them to become more well-rounded in what they offer. I don’t know. Some in our group are meeting on October 8th and hopefully we’ll have time to talk through the sheet you sent me.

@Liz When you have something ready for Bloom that you could send me, I would love to see it. Please email me at aaron_hemphill@sil.org.

Thanks again.