Can't add msi file

I’m trying to make my keyboard but i cant get the msi file

As you can see there is no box to get teh msi file

Welcome to the community @Dominic_Dekker,

Which version of Keyman Developer are you using?

You can find the .msi file for that here but it seems to be missing a Windows Installer section

(the screenshot is from Developer 10.0.1200.0)

Please provide the information to us, and we will find a solution for you.

You shouldn’t need a .msi file. Normally, you would build a .kmp file and distribute that file to users. A .msi file is only useful for installing on Windows if you wish to build a bundled installer. See Find Keyman Desktop msi installer file - #2 by Marc for more information

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I am using the latest version of keyman dev

Hello @Dominic_Dekker,

You can refer to Marc’s response for the command lines to extract the .msi file:

Please refer to this link for the .msi or .exe file according to the version of Keyman Developer:

Let us know if you require further assistance.

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