Cannot receive books in Bloom Reader over WiFi

I am publishing a book to Android. My phone can see the book because it comes up with the title and says it’s requesting. But this message just iterates on down the page without actually receiving the book. I did leave it quite a long time. Anyone any advice? Thanks.


Ian, try updating to the latest version of Bloom (“Check for a new version” in the help menu). And make sure the phone is connected to the internet so it has a chance to update automatically to the latest version of the reader. If that doesn’t help, could you tell us exactly which version of Bloom and Bloom Reader you are using? Ideally, use “Report a problem” in Bloom’s help menu, which will also give us a copy of the book you are having trouble with. (But we’ll still need to you to manually tell us which version of Bloom Reader.)

Thanks for your suggestions. I am on all the latest Android app and both Linux and windows stable and beta versions. I managed to get it working this morning by downloading the beta Android app. That was able to receive books over WiFi. Now when I open the stable Android app that can receive books over Wi-Fi too. Perhaps some small library of dependencies was missing from the stable Android app, I don’t know. But thanks anyway.