Cannot install custom language on android

I created a simple language layout, that does nothing more than convert ‘au’ into ‘ou’, for testing purposes, and named it “test”. I compiled it for “any” device and tested it on Windows and on the web, and everything worked fine. Then I uploaded it on a remote web server and downloaded it to a tablet, which changed its extension to “zip”. I renamed the extension to “kmp” and tried to install the package into “Keyman”, but it didn’t work.

During various installing attempts, I had different results. Initially Keyman said that it was unable to install the package. Then I tried to do the same procedure with the “sil_euro_latin” package, that worked fine. I looked for important differences between the two packages, but found none. So I tried uploading the “test” package to Drive instead of to a remote web server, and this time Keyman said that it was unable to open the file (a different message). I tried the same with the “sil_euro_latin” package and this time Keyman still said it cannot open the file. So I tried again uploading the “sil_euro_latin” package to the remote web server, as I did the first time, and this time it didn’t work. Now I am very confused and don’t know what to do.


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I’m sorry that you couldn’t install your custom keyboard on the tablet. To install the keyboard into Keyman, you need to make sure that you installed it from .kmp file (see the image) from the build folder. You don’t need to zip it, just upload it directly into Google Drive or Telegram so you can download it from your tablet. For more details: Installing Custom Keyboards to your Android Device.

Let me know if you have more questions.

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Thank you for replying @Nguonnyny_Tan. I did exactly what you said, and it doesn’t install. The file extension turns automatically to ‘.zip’, when downloading the file from a link on Whatsapp, but its not a problem, as it is sufficient to change it to ‘.kmp’ again. The extension however doesn’t change when downloading the file from Drive. So the extension is not a problem, but the file doesn’t install, either when downloading it from Whatsapp or from Drive. Now I uploaded the keyboard files to the GitHub repository and created a pull request. When the keyboard will accepted in the main repository, we will see if it installs correctly, downloading it from there.

Regarding this, after creating the pull request, I got the following message:

This pull request is from an external repo and will not automatically be built. The build must still be passed before it can be merged. Ask one of the team members to make a manual build of this PR.

So, I’m wondering whether it is enough to have opened a pull request, or do I have to explicitly ask someone to verify take care of it? And if so, who can I ask?


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Opening a pull request is sufficient. Your submission will be reviewed. Thanks!


I note we’ve seen questions about this a few times. I’m updating the automatic responder to say:

Thank you for your pull request. The Keyman keyboard review team have been notified of your pull request and will review it and build it shortly.

That look good?


Yes, very good, thanks.


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