Can we make the landscape keyboard mode better?

This is a screenshot from my phone, Nokia 2.2 (Android One). Maybe it’s larger in tablet, but in my phone it’s not possible to see the screen due to the keyboard taking over 70% of it.

Can we improve the panorama-mode experience?

  • Make the button smaller? (shorter?)
  • Auto-disable the prediction/correction in panorama-mode
  • Other ideas?

In the default keyboard that I have, the tiny text field (e.g. in WhatsApp) is transformed into one big text-field.


This is a good point. Any ideas @joshua_horton or @darcy?

I’ve made into issue #2768.

Certainly, we could look into styling the buttons smaller or disabling the suggestion bar.

That’s the word I’m looking for: Landscape! :joy:

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