Can Speech Analyzer be compiled to work with .Net 4.5 or above?

I came here to post some info I just learned about getting Speech Analyzer to install in Windows 10. But I can’t create it because Speech Analyzer is not one of the categories I can choose. So I want to question how to post something about Speech Analyzer here and I found there really isn’t an open-ended topic category except for “New Product Ideas”

So a new product idea: Can Speech Analyzer be recompiled so it is happy to run if .NET 3.5 is not installed? Getting .NET 3.5 going on some Windows 10 machines is not exactly trivial.

Hi Steve,

We’ve just created a “Speech Analyzer” topic; thanks for mentioning that it was missing! I’ll move this question over to that topic and edit its title to reflect the rest of what the question is about.

- Robin Munn

I understand that we (SIL) weren’t able to make all of Speech Analyser open source because of some parts that have a license that isn’t compatible with open source software. These days there are many more open source projects and perhaps it would be worth looking at considering whether a new open source replacement to Speech Analyser would be helpful. A new tool could borrow ideas from ELAN, PRAAT and other tools and be made in such a way that the workflow integrates better with our other tools: FLEx, LanguageForge, WeSay, and the AppBuilders. Sorry this doens’t answer the question at all!