Can an OFL font stop being OFL and become a paid font?

Hello! Please help me make it clear to understand several question about license.

So I have two question:

  1. Can an OFL font at some point cease to comply with the OFL license and become, for example, paid? Or is this license permanent?

  2. If I understand correctly I can use free OFL fonts in my printing book in text, on cover and other typographic places? Also I can change letter-spacing, border and other fonts things in my book editor? And I am not required to provide information about the licensing or the author in my book pages?

All that I cannot do it sell OFL fonts and change it without renaming (?)

Do I understand correctly all of this position?
The legal text of the license was difficult for me because of non-native English, I apologize

Thank you in advance for your help!

Hi Paul,

It can be difficult to understand legal licenses even when your native language is English. Most of your questions are answered in the OFL-FAQ.

You cannot change the license of an OFL font unless you are the copyright holder - it is permanent.

You can change the fonts any way you like, as long as you keep the copyright and license information with the font. You may also need to change the font name if there are Reserved Font Names (RFNs). You can also be paid for your work, but the modified font must stay OFL. You cannot sell the font by itself or require a fee for downloading or using the font. See the OFL-FAQ section 3.

I hope that helps you,


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I’m sorry, I can’t unambiguously translate the sentence from English: “You cannot change the OFL font license if you are not the copyright holder-it is permanent.” It has two meanings in translation

Did I understand correctly that I can not worry about the fact that the OFL font used by me in the printed book will not suddenly turn out to be paid? OFL is permanent and nobody can make it paid?

OFL is permanent. No one can decide to later change that and charge you a fee for using it.

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Thank you so much! And the last, honestly :slight_smile:

Did I understand correctly, that I don’t need to include any license information about font in my printed book and can just use font and that’s it?

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Yes. You don’t need to include information about the font in your book. See the OFL-FAQ question 1.1.2

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Thank you so much, Victor! :handshake: :handshake: