Calling more groups in a line

If I have this code, where multiple groups are called one after another:

if(key = 'o') > use(G1) use(G2) use(G3) use(GS)

If the G2 group is always called after the G1 group, can it also be called within the G1 group? I think you can do it, calling it in the match and nomatch statements, but is that the only way? Isn’t there a way to call it in one line?


match use(G2)
nomatch use(G2)


I’m not clear on what you’re trying to accomplish. Perhaps @Marc has some advice?

Thanks @drowe, I saw in some SIL keyboard source codes the above two instructions at the end of a group. So I guess this is the normal way of calling another group, regardless of whether a rule matches or not.

Either pattern should work

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