Calibri font

I have a request to produce a DAB with Calibri font. My guess as to why that doesn’t show up as an option in DAB is that this is a Microsoft-specific font. What would you suggest to use in place of it. It is for the Dari.

Or can I add Calibri as a font? If so where should I find it in my Windows 11 computer?

I found the fonts located in C:\windows\fonts using file explorer. When I go to this location in DAB I get an empty folder. Even when I say to show all files. What next?

You should not use Calibri since it is a proprietary font. (Even if you can figure out how to make DAB accept it, please don’t!)

Can you ask your client to choose another font? It should be one licensed with the OFL (Open Font License) or something similar that allows it to be used in your dictionary app.

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Hello Jim

Calibri is not licensed for using in apps. I suggest looking at Noto Naskh Arabic (it’s in DAB already, in Select a common font)


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The compiler has chosen Lateef for this. Thanks for your help.